Dairy Free Chocolate Coins

Dairy Free Chocolate Coins

The current trend of using chocolate coins for promotional purposes or to celebrate special occasions is most likely derived from the tradition of Hanukkah gelt (Yiddish for “money”). Long before there was interest in dairy free chocolate coins, Jewish adults gave real coins as gifts to children in order to enhance their holiday experience. In the twentieth century, American chocolate makers caught on to the coin idea and began producing chocolate gelt, candies shaped and stamped like coins and wrapped in foil. These coins often come packaged in small, net-like bags, and are used in place of real money in dreidel games and as holiday treats.

Recently, this ancient traditional (like so many others) has been embraced by a secular crowd looking for a unique medium for reaching a particular target audience. It is not uncommon to find chocolate coins sprinkled around a wedding table, or used to add a touch of pizzazz to a dinner party. The corporate world, always eager to find a new way to advertise their products, have begun branding chocolate coins with company logos, or using them as an incentive for employees. New technology even allows for images or a message to be transferred onto the surface of the chocolate coin, making for customizable chocolate coins for those individuals who have the money to invest in such a treat.

Just because you or someone in your family is unable to consume or wants to avoid dairy products does not mean that you cannot enjoy these traditional, delicious holiday treats. Making your own dairy free chocolate coins is a simple process that doesn’t require any fancy technology. All you need is a coin-shaped chocolate mold, which can easily be purchased from a variety of online retailers. First, procure some high quality vegan chocolate chips, and melt them down over medium heat. Pour the melted chocolate into the molds, allow to cool, wrap in foil, and voila! Your very own dairy free coins to distribute as you wish to friends, family, and loved ones. Homemade chocolate coins are often going to end up tasting much better than conventional chocolate coins, especially if you make them with high quality vegan chips, so making your own will be well worth the effort.

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