In our meat-obsessed society, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles remain a minority. The vegan philosophy and lifestyle is demanding, and requires vigilance to ensure the food that one eats is animal product free. Fortunately, with the growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle, more and more companies are producing delicious vegan options for popular foods from mayonnaise to cherry pie. And so, luckily, there is no reason at all for you to have to miss out on chocolate and its many delicious applications just because you are vegan!

There are literally hundreds of reasons to choose vegan chocolate over typical, dairy-based chocolate. Maybe you are allergic to dairy products, or perhaps you are lactose intolerant. Maybe you’ve chosen a vegan lifestyle for health reasons or due to your own personal ethical beliefs. Maybe you are concerned about the environmental impact the dairy industry has on our fragile, depleted planet. Or, maybe you’ve chosen to commit to a vegan lifestyle simply to avoid ingesting the antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals involved in the processing of milk. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that vegan chocolate offers a delicious, safe, and healthy alternative to standard milk chocolate.

As the popularity of the vegan lifestyle has increased in the U.S., so too has the quality and taste of dairy-alternative chocolates. To achieve the same delicious taste and texture chocolate lovers crave, Soya lecithin (certified non genetically engineered) is used in the vegan variety of chocolate as an emulsifying agent in the place of milk. Today’s vegan chocolate is often so close in taste to dairy chocolate that even the biggest “Chocohalics” can’t tell the difference. In fact, the unique mixture of organic ingredients in vegan chocolate results in a much purer chocolate experience, one even the most particular taste buds can appreciate.

Our organic vegan chocolate is crafted from organic cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and a little bit of stevia and dehydrated cane juice for sweetening. These delicious vegan chocolate chips are the perfect beginning to any vegan chocolate dessert baking project, and are also amazing when eaten all on their own. Cacao and chocolate have been used as a sacrament and a medicine for hundreds of milk, and consuming pure chocolate is actually very supportive of your body system in reasonable quantities. Chocolate only becomes unhealthy when it is adulterated with chemical additives, many of which come from the dairy that is used. Therefore, you can eat vegan chocolate guilt free, knowing that you are supporting the diet you have committed to and are also supporting your body, while still enjoying a marvelously decadent treat.