Many people are beginning to realize the importance of living well and the health benefits of eating wholesome organic foods. The movement is growing fast, as more and more people learn about the vegan lifestyle and the advantages of consuming raw foods. As such, we should take a closer look at the health benefits that accompany consuming raw cacao (a very healthy and natural bean) and using organically grown, pesticide free cacao nuts in vegan chocolates.

Your typical milk chocolate bar is a highly processed concoction of milk byproducts, refined sugars, artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, preservatives, and chemicals which contain only the smallest amounts of cacao. It’s in the raw cacao seeds that we find the highest levels of antioxidants, minerals and many other beneficial compounds like flavonol, phenylethylamine, niacin, beta-carotene, calcium, lysine, riboflavin, theobromine, thiamin and hundreds of other naturally occurring compounds. So why do we eat unhealthy mass produced milk chocolate when there are much healthier chocolate options available? – In my opinion, few people know that there are healthier organic vegan chocolates on market and even fewer know of the benefits of consuming raw cacao.

Vegan chocolate, especially with high cacao content has been shown to elevate mood, energize and stimulate the body, raise high-density lipoproteins (aka: good cholesterol), increase serotonin production in the brain, and has even been used by healers in Mexico to help improve breathing and increase libido. A lot of these benefits (if not all of these benefits) are lost when the cacao nuts are processed, roasted at high temperatures, diluted and mixed with milk fats, preservatives and other adulterants. That’s why Vegan is devoted to bringing you the best all-natural vegan chocolate chips on the planet!

Vegan Chocolate dot com uses the finest ingredients and highest quality cacao in their chocolate chips, which are grown exclusively on Kona Kava Farm in Hawaii. We use their chips in almost everything: Toss a few into a smoothie for an added bit of deliciousness; after lunch, just eat them right out of the bag; and dessert… oh… there are so many possibilities!

Our current favorite is to use them in the famous double fudgy vegan brownies we offer the recipe elsewhere on our website. Our chocolate chips are so good that one of our staff members, who professes to be a connoisseur of all things chocolate, refuses to believe that these are vegan chocolate chips. Now that’s a testimonial!

We often hear that those who have gone vegan have never felt better, healthier or more in tune with their bodies. Strength and vitality have reportedly increased, all from making a simple (and in this case; delicious) decision to eat more and more raw foods. Add our delicious vegan chocolate products which use all-natural organic raw cacao “into the mix”, and you can’t lose. We have even had customers report that once they started to eat only vegan foods and vegan chocolate, that cravings for chocolate have greatly diminished. Could it have something to do with the all-natural organic raw cacao used in making their chocolate chips? – We sure hope so! All we know is that they’re the best bits of chocolaty goodness and that they totally satisfy our occasional chocolate craving here at Vegan Chocolate.