Say what you want about the way the world is going and where we might end up, but there’s no denying that with every passing year, life becomes a little easier for those among us who choose to, or need to, live a dairy free lifestyle. Once the outcasts in a carnivorous world, non-dairy consumers now number well over 10 million in this country alone. And, like any other group of that size, we have begun to make our mark on society and culture. The result is a wide array of dairy free options for nearly every food product imaginable, from ice cream to cheese. This includes — and here the crowd’s voices grow loud with joy and hands clap with raucous applause — dairy free chocolate.

Sadly, the availability of dairy free chocolate in major grocery chains is often determined by regional demand analysis. In big cities, it is fairly easy to find dairy free chocolate, but in smaller towns where there may not be a local health food store, the task may become very challenging. And, while boutique, high-end markets tend to be more willing to cater to the demands of their dairy free clientele, prices at these stores tend to border on the outrageous. Fortunately, the evolution of the online marketplace has made once difficult to find specialties like dairy free chocolate universally available. All you need is a mailing address, a credit card, and a small amount of patience, and dairy free chocolate can be delivered to your doorstep whenever your heart desires. Thus you can give in to the temptation of eating chocolate without worrying about having to travel miles to find it, and without having to pay an exorbitant price!

Dairy free chocolate is available in all the forms of traditional chocolate, from bars to coins to whimsical shapes. For cooking purposes, vegan chocolate chips are the most versatile form, and the easiest to measure for size and adaptability. These dairy free chocolate chips, combined with a bit of ingenuity and creativity, can transform any traditional chocolate recipe into a healthy, ethical, dairy free dessert. And this is just another example of how the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have changed our world for the better

Dairy free chocolate is not such a strange phenomena as one might think, either. When the Aztecs used chocolate as part of their sacred Food of the Gods, they did not have any dairy products to add to it. In fact, adding milk products to chocolate reduces the health benefits of the treat tremendously, as you end up consuming a great deal more fat. Therefore, dairy free chocolate is really the way that chocolate was meant to be, if you think about it.

The increase in availability of dairy free chocolate is also something of a revolution, if you think about it. As of as little as twenty years ago, individuals suffering from dairy allergies would simply not be able to enjoy many chocolate desserts and treats due to the inclusion of milk. Now, any chocolate dessert can be made with dairy free chocolate for a richer, allergen-free, health conscious experience. Whether you have a dairy allergy, are a vegan, or simply want to explore the joys of dairy free chocolate, the online marketplace will provide you with the quality and price that you deserve!